St. Matthew's Anglican Church


Worship Service Overview

Regular Sunday Services

8:00 am - Service of Holy Communion
This service is from the Book of Common Prayer. This is a “said” service (no music) which follows the traditional language and style from the 1549 Book of Common Prayer.

9:30 am - All Ages Worship

A more relaxed service consisting of a simplified liturgy with prayers, readings, children’s story-time, family-friendly songs, a prayer circle (in place of the prayers of the people), and communion experienced around the altar. After the shorter 40 minute liturgy and communion, the children and youth participate in their own programs while the adults hear the Rev. Stephen Blackmore speak on the week's lesson.

11:00 am - "Classic"  Book of Alternative Services Worship
This service follows the standard Book of Alternate Services Eucharistic liturgy and traditional music aided by our music director and choir to promote a reverent worship experience

Each Sunday after the 9:30 and 11:00 am services, we have refreshments where all are welcome.

10:30 am - Service of Holy Communion

From the Book of Common Prayer.

St. Matthew’s offers great opportunities for everyone to come together in various worship styles.

We seek to develop and build our relationship with God. We hear God’s word through music, community, scripture and sermon. We celebrate Holy Communion and we learn to experience the presence of God.


Come and experience St. Matthew's newly arranged community worship space!


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at St. Matthew's this Easter season.

You will be warmly welcomed!