Introduced to a Life with Faith

St. Matt's Community   -  

St. Matthew’s is my family’s church, so I started coming when I was young.

My grandfather, Duncan Green, lived near St. Matthew’s and was the first one to start attending. He started to bring my family to the church because he said the people who went to St. Matthew’s treated you like family and that you could feel God’s presence when you entered.

Duncan Green lived by two ideas: the importance of family – biological or otherwise – and life is better with God in it. Over the years my family attended less but the connection I had in faith with my grandfather Duncan only became stronger. As I got to know some of the members of the church, they became my faith family and St. Matthew’s felt like home.

The members of St. Matthew’s, along with my grandfather, showed me how much better life with God was. My grandfather brought me closer to God and helped grow my faith through learning about some of the church ministries. One of those ministries was the servers guild, a ministry where I helped the priest during the service, something that I still do to this day. My grandfather always encouraged me to talk and pray about my faith to become closer to God. This is something I still try to do regularly. It was because of him that I chose to join the choir and found a passion for praising God’s word through voice. I am thankful for the bond in faith I had with my grandfather Duncan. He is the reason I developed a strong faith, creating a lifelong relationship with God and finding a loving and supportive faith family at St. Matthew’s.

By Emily C.