Marguerite Locke

People's Warden

As an Anglican my whole life and active member of St. Matthew’s parish for many years I love the tradition of the liturgy but also a healthy blend of  gospel songs and diverse readings.  The Beatitudes, as recorded in  Matthew 5:1-12 from the  Sermon on the Mount, form a guide for Christian living each day.

One of my favourite hymns  is:”Make me a Channel of Your Peace,” also known as the Prayer of Saint Francis. It focuses my heart and feet in seeking to follow Jesus. Our family joined St. Matthew’s when we moved to the neighbourhood and sought a vibrant, friendly, family-oriented parish in which to worship.  It was a natural fit to begin my volunteering and service within our church as a teacher with the children’s ministries now named so aptly, Club Matt.  Numerous other activities and service work within the Church followed and I am particularly interested in outreach projects locally and further afield.

Just as many organized religions struggle to appeal to a rapidly changing world,  St. Matt’s faces many challenges not the least of which has been the Covid pandemic. But in these challenges, as we quickly adapted to virtual services and online study groups, many blessings have been given to our Parish. Adaptability, diversity and flexibility will continue to frame  our growth as we focus  of “Sharing Jesus Love”.